Keith Haring

10/23/2014 - 12/27/2014

There is no need to introduce Keith Haring. This American artist of genius and great cultural activist has revolutionized the art world with his own artistic language and his desire to make Art more accessible for the many.

Born in 1958 in Pennsylvania, Keith Haring develops a love for drawing at a very early age. he attends the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh and the School of Visual Arts in New York. He is particularly interested in semiotics and looks for different ways of using language and writing in drawings.

He is very influenced by Pierre Alechinsky, Matisse, Jean Dubuffet, Christo. He uses the « line » as the central theme of his work. By using geometric lines, symbols, hieroglyphs, he develops his own vocabulary. Keith Haring works and lives in reality. He approaches many themes in his work such as technology, sexuality, poverty, violence, racism … Throughout his career he invests in the children cause and realizes public works for hospitals, orphanages, children’s day care center, schools and museums.

Pioneer in “street art”, close to Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, he achieves his recognition by participating in performances at Club 57 and particularly by drawing on the unused advertising panels of the New York subway.

In 1986, Haring opened the Pop Shop, a retail store in Soho selling T-shirts, toys, posters, buttons and magnets bearing his images. Haring considered the shop to be an extension of his work and painted the entire interior of the store in an abstract black on white mural, creating a striking and unique retail environment. The shop was intended to allow people greater access to his work.

Diagnosed with AIDS, Kieth Haring died in 1990.

Since his first solo exhibition at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery 30 years ago, private collectors and museums of the entire world want his works and a lot of brands keep on using his symbols.

The artist achieved his goal: his work and the causes he fought for has exceeded the art world and reached the largest audience.

Today Keith Haring is one of the major artists of the 20th century and a model for the young generations of artists.

The Laurent Strouk gallery presents form 23th October to 27 December 2014 a solo exhibition by Keith Haring gathering a thirties paintings, drawings and sculptures with various themes dear to the artist (fight against homophobia, racism, the Capoeira dance, the nuclear threat, AIDS, love).